Policy, Data & Communications

We’re shaping statewide narratives around criminal justice reform through education on the problems we face.

Policy, data and communications are foundational to all of the work we do. With broader and more reliable access to data, organizations working to gain buy-in on criminal justice reform can better support their case and more effectively educate their audiences. We’re coordinating these efforts so that voters and state legislators alike can make better informed decisions, finding common ground that benefits all Oklahomans.

Our Key Collaboration in this Area: ProsperOK’s Legislative Advocacy Team

ProsperOK’s Legislative Advocacy Team builds coalitions to inform and educate policymakers on the positive impact of reformative bills - such as Clean Slate expungement and reduced fines, fees, and collateral consequences – that remove the undue barriers to opportunity justice-involved Oklahomans face. POK’s investment into a cross-partisan Legislative Advocacy Team allows for strategic legislative communications campaigns that change statewide narratives.

Our Key Collaboration in this Area: The Criminal Justice Data Collaborative

ProsperOK supports the collaborative work of the Oklahoma Criminal Justice Data Collaborative as they build validated, sustainable, and entrusted data from across the criminal legal system.  The collaborative leverages public and private data to ensure social service providers and policy advocates have a reliable source of information to enable and track the impact of their work on improving outcomes for Oklahomans entangled in the criminal legal system.

See the work the collaborative is doing to shine a light on Oklahoma communities most impacted by the criminal justice system:

Our  Combined Impact


Oklahomans joining grassroots criminal justice coalitions to advance criminal legal reform, including the successful 2022 Clean Slate and Fines and Fees legislative campaigns.


Oklahomans benefiting from POK policy actions reducing drivers license suspensions, preventing pretrial detention, providing resources to individuals returning from incarceration, and reducing youth fines and fees.


Public resources impacted via new state budget appropriations for indigent defense, reentry, fines & fees, and expungement.


in spending to date.

A group of people sitting at a table

"Modern politics has become so cynical and divisive, but the advocacy of ProsperOK presents another path that truly makes me hopeful. The most Conservative and the most Progressive advocates in Oklahoma have put aside their differences and produced transformative generational change with common sense criminal legal reform."

— OK Justice Reform

The future of policy, data & communications in Oklahoma

Stronger statewide organizing coalitions and successful narrative change strategies shift Oklahomans’ awareness, sentiment, and behavior needed for policy reform.

Stakeholder groups most vested in incarceration have more checks on their authority while communities most harmed by incarceration exercise greater decision-making influence.

Better, more timely data across geographies, programs, and systems improves strategic campaigning, aids legislator engagement, and improves governmental policy and practice.

Public funding statewide finances strategies that are most preventive and restorative in reducing incarceration, increasing safety, and improving economic mobility.


Join us as we build a safer and more prosperous Oklahoma. As our work evolves,  there will be opportunities to learn and engage.

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