Building a Just System for Safer Communities

ProsperOK is a collaborative effort to combat the economic harms our criminal legal system inflicts on Oklahomans.

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Our Motivation

Oklahoma locks people up at one of the highest rates in the world, limiting our community’s potential.

4th worst

in the nation for  incarceration of men

4th worst

in the nation for incarceration of women

2nd worst

in the nation for incarceration of black people

$500MM in taxpayer dollars spent funding state prisons every year.

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Once someone has come into contact with Oklahoma’s criminal legal system, it can follow them for the rest of their lives. Justice-involved Oklahomans and their children face significant barriers to employment, financial stability, and upward mobility. Our system favors penalization over rehabilitation, perpetuating intergenerational cycles of poverty and incarceration. 

Our Work

To increase community safety, improve economic mobility, and achieve lower incarceration, ProsperOK works across 5 areas:

Pathways to Opportunity

Early Intervention & Reduced Incarceration

Community Safety

Community Power & Capacity

Policy, Data & Communications

What we've accomplished so far


Oklahomans benefited from POK policy actions that have prevented pretrial detentions, provided re-entry resources, reduced youth fines & fees, and more.


in collaborative philanthropy invested to accelerate scalable solutions that reduce incarceration, bolster safety, and improve economic mobility.


Justice-impacted Oklahomans getting better pathways to education, work, and economic opportunities through personalized navigation, financial assistance, and innovative service delivery.

A prosper OK team member

About ProsperOK

We’re not in this alone. ProsperOK is a growing collaborative of community members, organizers and advocates, practitioners, policymakers, businesses and funders.


Join us as we build a safer and more prosperous Oklahoma. As our work evolves,  there will be opportunities to learn and engage.

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