Early Intervention & Reduced Incarceration

ProsperOK is focused on making the front-end of the criminal legal systems in Tulsa more responsive to people’s needs to reduce jailing, re-arrest, and escalation to state incarceration.


Tulsans are received into Tulsa County jail each year


return to jail within one year


of Oklahomans who are released from state prison return within 3 years

Oklahomans who are on probation or have been diverted from prison must find a way to stay in compliance with court orders to avoid technical violations that could lead to another arrest or incarceration. Justice-involved Oklahomans are left alone to comply with these expectations and often lack the basic resources necessary to pay off fees or find transportation to mandatory court dates or programs.

Our Key Collaboration in this Area: JusticeLink

JusticeLink, launched in October 2022, is a collaborative, multi-agency network in a single location dedicated to providing coordinated, low-barrier, life-stabilizing services to justice-involved people navigating the criminal legal system. JusticeLink’s goal is to divert Tulsans away from system escalation and incarceration. Situated within walking distance to the jail and courthouse, key features of JusticeLink include:


One-stop-shop to access multiple service providers.


Personalized justice navigation for issues around fines,  fees and court appearances.


Service referrals to quality providers.

Co-located partners at JusticeLink: Housing Solutions, Center for Employment Opportunities, Family and Children's Services, Tulsa Responds, The Bail Project

Our Key Collaboration in this Area: Project Commutation

Project Commutation provides free legal representation for individuals serving excessive sentences by representing clients in parole and commutation hearings.

Our  Combined Impact


incarcerated Oklahomans supported in parole through Project Commutation.


Tulsans getting better personalized navigation services and other supports to reduce pretrial detention and re-arrest.


invested to date

The future of early intervention & reduced incarceration in Oklahoma

Every Tulsan who interacts with the front-end of the criminal legal system accesses quality legal services, avoids unnecessary pretrial detention, and connects to resources and supports to reduce likelihood of future interaction.

Evidence-based, community-guided solutions that prevent violence, reduce likelihood of incarceration, and promote economic mobility scale across priority Tulsa neighborhoods, schools, and systems.

Public health, housing, and human services capacities grow to resolve problems related to behavioral health, substance use, homelessness, and poverty intersectional with incarceration and violence.

Data and residents’ lived experience insight shapes policies, rules, and processes around pretrial services, warrant arrests, bond dockets, jail release, and other practices unnecessarily penalizing system-impacted Tulsans.


Join us as we build a safer and more prosperous Oklahoma. As our work evolves,  there will be opportunities to learn and engage.

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