Community Power & Capacity


higher arrest rates for Black Tulsans, even when adjusting for their neighborhood’s income level.

Black Tulsans

make up 8% of the state population but 23% of the prison population.

Grants and funding can only make an impact if they’re aligned with the needs of the people they serve. This requires proper representation and a collaborative, community-led approach to grantmaking, where communities most affected by harm are at the center of the decision-making process.

Our Key Collaboration in this Area: Community Investment Committee

The Community Investment Committee is reducing the distance between grassroots organizations and funding via community-directed grantmaking. The Community Investment Committee has governed a portion of ProsperOK's grantmaking and has funded Tulsa County organizations serving communities disproportionately impacted by the criminal legal system – with an emphasis on engaging Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) in providing services and/or strengthening movements. The Community Investment Committee sources potential grantees, assesses grant proposals and awards grants, and informs ways for grantmaking to become more transformative over time.

Our Impact


Tulsans trained by Terence Crutcher Foundation (TCF) as canvassers, organizers, and public speakers for change.


Tulsans mobilized as advocates through canvassing, events, and community actions steered by TCF.


in spending to date.

The future of community power & capacity in Oklahoma

A fully realized Hub-and-Spokes organizing model in Tulsa has coalesced power to shift local, state, and national policy and practice, reducing racism in the system and creating pathways to opportunity.

Black-led organizations connected to the POK mission have sustainable resourcing, internal strengths, and external connections to serve their communities and accelerate movements.


Join us as we build a safer and more prosperous Oklahoma. As our work evolves,  there will be opportunities to learn and engage.

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